Frenchbuzz TV is actively building a video French Directory of products and services to add value to its programming. We want you to be a part of it!

Created in February 2019, Frenchbuzz TV is now available via Roku (27 Million) and Amazon Fire TV (30 Million).

Frenchbuzz TV also will be available on Apple TV and smart phones by June 2019.

Streaming subscribers: Roku & Amazon Fire TV, Amazon App Store

  • 1,000 subscribers as of March, 28th, 2019.
  • Average length per visit: 20mn
  • Growth: 50 new subscribers per day
  • Cities where the video directory will focus: New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Nationwide (pertaining to businesses and individuals that offer services nationwide)
  • Streaming subscribers projection 2019: July, 10,000; September, 20,000; December, 35,000.

Who should advertise?

  • Any event organizers, educational organizations, individuals and businesses selling French related products and services and more specifically:
  • Travel related companies
  • Businesses offering French and European products and services: Restaurant, schools, etc.
  • Businesses wanting to increase their brand recognition and attract new clients

Advertise your business and services on Frenchbuzz TV!

Special Introductory Offer! We are currently offering advertising packages at a fantastic price! First trial month is only $19.

Section name example: San Francisco: Shopping & Services

Features/Packages Petit Grand Special
Your ad video/slideshow
from your Youtube ad link
30/60 second 2 to 5mn 6 to 10mn
City: Shopping & Services Yes Yes Yes
Thumbnail creation Yes Yes Yes
Word count 200 max No limit No limit
Set up fee: $100 Not until May Not until May Not until May
Three month commitment $49/Month $79/Month $99/Month
3 ad replacements $499/Year $799/Year $999/year


Easy process

  1. Choose a package & Pay
  2. Send us the link to your Youtube ad/promo (we’ll download it) or Email us your ad (.mov, .avi, pm4) at Or have our video marketing team create your 60 second ad video for $199.
  3. Voila! Your add will be live within 7 days

Hurry to book your space while introductory offer is available! All prices are subject to change in the next few months.